Mission: Voice Against Tobacco (VAT) is dedicated to transforming areas, cities, states, countries, and ultimately, the world into tobacco-free zones. Our mission is rooted in the belief that “Prevention is better than cure.” We aim to create awareness and drive change by targeting various key objectives:


  1. Education for Youth: VAT is committed to raising awareness among school and college students about the dangers of tobacco. We believe that prevention starts with knowledge, and by educating the youth, we empower them to make informed choices for a tobacco-free future.

  2. Public Awareness: We work to disseminate information to the general public through campaigns in public places. By doing so, we reach a broader audience and foster a deeper understanding of the harmful consequences of tobacco use.

  3. Support for Quitting: VAT provides various programs and resources to support individuals struggling with tobacco addiction. Our goal is to help them quit successfully and lead healthier, tobacco-free lives.

  4. Physician Involvement: We seek to engage physicians to play a proactive role in helping their tobacco-addicted patients quit smoking. Medical professionals can make a significant impact on their patients’ lives by intervening and providing guidance for tobacco cessation.

Future Plans:

VAT is dedicated to evolving its programs and initiatives in the field of tobacco education. We will continue to research and implement the most effective strategies as we adapt to the changing landscape of tobacco control.

Creating Awareness:

To realize our mission, VAT employs various methods to create awareness:

  1. Slogan and Poster Competitions: By organizing slogan and poster competitions, we engage the creativity and imagination of the public, encouraging them to express the anti-tobacco message in innovative ways.

  2. Pledge/Oath Taking Ceremony: We encourage individuals to take a public pledge to abstain from tobacco use, fostering a sense of commitment and responsibility.

  3. Cigarette Breaking/Kick the Cigarettes Events: These events symbolize breaking the habit and serve as a powerful visual representation of quitting tobacco.

  4. Seminars by Experts: VAT hosts seminars conducted by experts in the field for both medical professionals and the general public. These seminars provide in-depth knowledge about the health risks of tobacco use and ways to quit.

  5. Cancer Awareness Camp: We organize camps to educate people about the link between tobacco use and cancer. These camps offer information about early detection and prevention.

  6. Motivational Speeches: Inspirational speeches aim to motivate individuals to quit tobacco and make healthier choices.

  7. Conferences for Medical Professionals: We hold conferences to engage medical professionals, equipping them with the latest research and techniques for assisting patients in quitting tobacco.

Voice Against Tobacco (VAT) is dedicated to a world where the harmful effects of tobacco are eradicated through education, support, and collective action. Together, we can turn our vision of a tobacco-free world into a reality.

Mr. Umesh Thanawala founded Voice Against Tobacco in the year 2002 to spread awareness amongst the people about harmful effects of tobacco consumption.



VOICE AGAINST TOBACCO was started in the year 2002 just to create awareness amongst Local people. It started creating awareness by sending SMSes to individuals, printed stickers, posters and banners. Initially it was started in a local area.

Though, it started with a low profile, but in the year 2011 it got registered with concerned Department. It all started with a World No Tobacco Day – 2011, The programme of 31st May, 2011 was very well supported by A Gujrati Daily ‘ Divya Bhaskar’ and Lions Clubs International. The first kick was given in a big way.

The name VOICE AGAINST TOBACCO – a very simple but very effective name. It speaks for itself and clearly says it has only one point program.

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